Scientific Circle of Students in Horticulture

About Us

Scientific Circle of Students in Horticulture was called into existence on May 13, 1921.The students joined in the circle can deepen their scientific interest conducting research in various horticultural branches, e.g. in pomology, vegetable growing,ornamental and medicinal plants, nurseries, plant genetics and breeding, plant protection and marketing of horticultural products. The members of the Circle work in separate sections which number is changing according to the student’s interests. They organize scientific seminars at the Faculty and outside the Faculty,they propagate a good horticultural practice and natural values of our country.They take care for the maintenance of friendly atmosphere in the student society,the feeling of community inside the University and for the cultivation of good academic traditions. They also propagate the ideas of self-help between the students during their study time. Every year the members of the Circle take part in the Review of the Achievements of Student’s Scientific Circles in WULS and they gain some prizes or distinctions for the presented subjects. They organize the Competition of Master of Science theses at the Faculty and they take part in scientific conferences in Poland and abroad.

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